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Kids Korner

**Welcome to the Barrett Township Police Kids Korner**



Follow Elmo to Sesame Street!



            Hey kids, this page is just for YOU!  We have some fun activities and some important information for all of you.  Have fun and next time you see a police officer when you are out playing, riding your bike, or out with your family, remember to say stop and say hi.  We're your friends and we like talking to you.  If we're busy and can't stop to talk for a while, just say hi next time!



Want to color a few pictures of police officers?  Click on the below pictures and print them out!






            The internet can be a great place and lots of fun for kids, but you need to be careful and remember not to talk to strangers you meet online.  You should follow the same rules you have with your parents when you meet a stranger on the street.  Never give your real name, telephone number, or address to anyone you meet online, even if they tell you they are a kid or a police officer.  If anyone asks for your name or address, don't tell them and go tell your parents right away!

            You can play on the internet and stay safe if you follow a few simple rules:



Play Tic Tac Toe!


Police Quiz

How well do you know your police officers?
1. What is a police officer's job?
a) Putting out fires
b) Driving an ambulance
c) Catching criminals
d) Cooking hamburgers

2. Which one is not a part of a police officer's uniform?
a) Badge
b) Pajamas
c) Shirt
d) Gun

3. What number do you call in an emergency?
a) 8675309
b) 1234
c) 411
d) 911

4. When should you call the police?
a)When you're bored
b)When you don't want to go to school
c)In an emergency
d)When it's time for lunch

5.What type of animal do the police use to help them?
a) Chickens
b) Dogs
c) Snakes
d) Rabbits


Top-Left Top-Center Top-Right
Middle-Left Middle-Center Middle-Right
Bottom-Left Bottom-Center Bottom-Right


Let's learn about bicycle safety!


  • Ride *with* traffic.  Keep to the right of the road.
  • Obey all traffic regulations.
  • Use proper hand signals for turning or stopping.
  • Stop an look both ways in order to make sure that sidewalks or streets are clear before entering a street.
  • Walk your bicycle across busy streets at corners or crosswalks.
  • Use proper headlights and a red tail light or reflector when riding at night.


  • Show off.  Keep your hands on the handlebars.
  • Zigzag, race or stunt ride in traffic.
  • Hitch rides on trucks or cars.

Happy Riding!!!


Check back often for more fun and games for kids!